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Buying a Top Dog Cart

Buying a Top Dog Cart is easy! More important, it’s fun. Because our carts are custom built to order, you have complete control of how your cart is built. And because we also offer custom accessories like umbrellas and signs, you can purchase and personalize your cart in one place.

Purchasing a Mobile Food Cart

1. Select a Cart

Choose the cart model that best fits your cooking needs. We recommend you check all state and local health department regulations prior to purchasing any mobile food cart.

2. Get a Free Quote

You may request a custom cart quote online or call us at 888-282-5002. Request a free quote for as many carts as you like. Be sure to tell us about any equipment requirements specified by your local health department, for example, how many sinks are you required to have on your cart?

Website Quotes: If you request a quote online you will receive an email containing a full price quote, cart photos, schematic and specifications. The price quote outlines the standard features of the mobile food vending cart you chose plus any optional items you selected. If you provide a delivery zip code, we will include a freight shipping estimate too.

Phone Quotes: Call us at 800-282-5002 to discuss your mobile food cart needs and available options. We will collect the information necessary to build your quote and either call you back, email or mail your completed quote to you.

Mobile food cart photos, schematics and specs outline areas of the cart that may be governed by your local health department. For example: the number of sinks required on a mobile food cart differs from city, county and state. 

If after receiving your quote you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to answer questions and discuss your cart needs in more detail.

3. Make a Deposit

A non-refundable $2500.00 deposit is required to add your cart to our production schedule. Typically building and customizing your cart takes 2-4 weeks, plus delivery time. TDC accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, PayPal or bank wire transfers. Personal checks are not accepted. Business checks are accepted but subject to bank confirmation that funds have been made available. Cash is also accepted, in person only.

Financing: TDC works with a finance company who offers a variety of options to help with your mobile food cart purchase. You can access the application here: Financing Application. Once you have completed the application, a finance specialist will contact you directly.

4. Approve Your Cart

When your cart is complete, photos will be emailed or mailed to you for review. Once you approve your cart, the balance of your mobile food cart purchase is due. When we receive final payment, your cart is crated and scheduled for shipment.

5. Prepare for Delivery

All Top Dog Carts are full crated for safe travel. TDC works with various freight companies to ship carts in the United State and around the world. We work with carriers who provide safe, fast and cost conscience shipping. Your cart can be delivered to a residential or commercial address. Please specify when requesting a quote if the delivery address is residential.  A truck with a lift gate is required to unload the cart in residential areas.

6. Review Your Documents

Cart documents that are emailed and/or mailed to you include:

  • Final paid-in-full Invoice
  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO/vehicle title)
  • Cart schematic and specifications and photos
  • User manual

We recommend you keep all documents in a safe place, as you would with any purchase of this size and expense.

Purchasing Concession Carts

TDC offers custom Concession Carts designed and engineered by our experience staff.

1. To start, the customer provides answers to questions about their particular Concession Cart, such as:

  • Do you plan to use the cart indoors or outdoors?
  • Will you have electrical power available?
  • Will the cart be stationary or does it need to be movable?
  • Is the concession cart to be towable?
  • Are there restrictions on the length and the height of the concession cart?
  • What equipment is needed for cooking: hot wells, griddle, hot plates, etc.
  • How many sinks are required to be on the cart, by your local health department?
  • Do you need a cooler, refrigerator, freezer?
  • Do you need a canopy or umbrella?
  • Do you need lights?
  • Do you need signs?
  • How many carts do you need?

2. A simple line drawing is included with a price quote and equipment specifications for review. CAD drawings can be provided for health department and venue review (cart purchase or deposit required).

3. Once you have approved the cart design, a 50% deposit (based off total purchase price) is due. We we receive your deposit construction will begin on your cart or carts.

What’s Included With Your Cart

buying a top dog cart warranty icon

30 Day Warranty

In the unlikely event you cart fails due to workmanship or material defect within 30 days of purchase, we will replace or repair your cart free of charge.

VIN icon

VIN Plate / VIN Decals

A durable metal plate with a stamped VIN# is included on each cart. The VIN# is also printed on decals and placed in three different locations inside the cart.

Owner's Manual

The owner’s manual included with each cart purchase includes step by step instructions for operating and caring for your Top Dog Cart.

MSO icon

MSO & Bill of Sale

The MSO is like a vehicle title. The Bill of sale details the total amount paid for your cart. These documents are needed to register your cart with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Note: Food Vending Cart MSOs and/or Bill of Sale are not available for carts built or sold prior to April 2011.

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Top Quality Construction

We use the highest grade materials available to construct our mobile food carts. Quality stainless steel, aluminum and non-corrosive parts ensure your cart will look and function beautifully for years.

cart schematics icon

Cart Schematics

Custom schematics showing the layout of the cart purchased. Plan includes the weight and dimensions of the cart, water system, propane gas lines, heating compartments, cooler and tow bar.

MSO icon

Detailed Cart Specs

Equipment specifications of the cart which outline the features of the cart, for example the size of water tanks.

cart construction icon

Business Guides

Guides and references to help you with purchasing a cart, getting licensed, passing health inspection and more.

online access icon

Online Access

Cart owners are given credentials to view and download details about their cart.

Additional Client Services

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Graphic Design

Custom marketing and branding solutions for mobile food businesses. We can assist you with everything from creating a logo to custom signs, menus and websites.

custom carts icon

Custom Cart Solutions

Let our talented team bring your vision to life. Tell us what’re looking for and we’ll custom design, engineer and build your mobile food or concession cart(s) with the features you need for your unique venture.

worldwide delivery icon

Worldwide Delivery

Get your cart just about anywhere. We regularly ship carts throughout the United States and Canada and can also ship to areas throughout the world such as Europe, The Virgin Islands, Australia and many more.

Financing Available for Qualified Applicants

Financing is available through our third party lender. If you are interested in financing a Top Dog Cart, please complete an online application.

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More About Top Dog Carts

concession support carts

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