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Concession Cart

Case Study:

“Recharge Cart – OCCC”

Client: Orange County Convention Center
Location: Orlando, FL

Job Requirements: Modify a drink cart for use with or without drink/soda equipment, making the cart multi-functional for dispensing beverages or serving bottled beverages.

Solution: Filled two drink machine cut outs with removable stainless steel panels, creating a full counter work space when the drink machines aren’t needed. Added a shelf to hold an ice tray for cold drink displays.

Refurbish Details

Stainless Steel Counter Panel

Removable stainless steel counter panel allows cart to be used with or without drink/soda equipment.


Ice / Drink Bin Shelf

Added shelf beneath counter top to hold ice bin for cold drink display.


Post Inserts

Post inserts fit neatly into guides when posts are not in use.


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concession support carts

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