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Whether you need one or one hundred carts you’ll never have to worry. All Top Dog Carts are manufactured on-site in our facility.

Build Your Own Space

Concession Support Carts can be used alone or in groups to create versatile enclosed service spaces.

Concession Support Carts

Top Dog concession support carts are designed for expanding indoor concessions. Popular concession stations can be easily combined to create partitioned spaces or used alone.

Top Dog Cart Support carts are constructed with high quality stainless steel and feature heavy duty castors for long term durability. Custom graphics and finishes are available to complete the look of your concession configuration or to match existing concession stations or franchise requirements.


Support Cart Configurations

Support carts allow you the freedom to set-up concession configurations based on event space and menu needs. Large event? Place a full size concession cart at the front of your space. Add a back support cart behind to use as a holding or prep area. Add a condiment cart to the side, giving customers self-serve options to keep the service lines moving.

Concession Support carts can be positioned in awkward spaces to help create a traffic flow. They are also easy to manage, and can quickly be moved or removed from your space as needed.

Concession Support Cart Models

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