Top Dog Cart Tips for


If you’re planning a mobile food cart business, you’re probably wondering what you can do to attract more customers. There are many ways for you to market your business beyond the obvious strategies like picking a good location. Here’s some mobile food cart marketing tips to help you get started.


In the food vending business great food is as important as the personality serving it. Most people remember someone who is outgoing, energetic and friendly. Word of mouth is THE BEST advertising. First time customers become long time customers when they have a good experience. They will also recommend your business to others.

Tip 2: Increase VISIBILITY

The aroma of delicious food always draws a crowd toward mobile food carts. But what if you’re not the only one cooking? Accessories such as a sign, umbrella, lights and music can help you stand out from the competition. Some accessories serve several purposes too. An umbrella, for instance, adds character and excitement to your cart. It also provides shelter and safety. We provide a complete line of customized mobile food cart accessories and equipment in our online store.

Tip 3: Identify Yourself

If every mobile food vendor called their business “Joe’s Hot Dogs,” it would be hard to tell them apart. That’s why your company name should be exclusive to you. Choosing a name that is easy to remember and descriptive will help brand your business. You may want to include some indication of what you do. For example, “Al’s Place” doesn’t tell you much about Al’s business. “Al’s Eats” tells you Al serves food. As you brainstorm business names check the internet to make sure they aren’t already in use. Avoid associating yourself with sports teams, characters or schools unless you have made arrangements with the organization to use their name and likeness. You can be fined or forced to change your company name if it’s found in violation of copyright or trademark law. Once you have a business name you may choose to trademark it. This protects your business name so others can’t take or use it without your permission.

Tip 4: Creating a MENU

The purpose of a mobile food business is to quickly serve delicious food. For beginners, focusing on one or two specialty items (such as tacos or sausages) will make it easier to get accustomed to fast food service. If your location features more than one mobile food vendor, take note of their menus. Offering something unique to the area will help you attract more customers and create your niche in the marketplace. If you plan to offer catering services, you should have business cards and a take-away catering menu& available to hand out. If you have room, you can place these on your serving counter.