Concession Cart Case Studies


We’ve helped numerous clients and venues update their existing concession cart fleets.
These are a few of the projects we have worked on, with before /after photos and details about the exciting upgrades and changes we made to each cart.

boar's head concession cart

Boar’s Head

Orange County Convention Center
Rebrand existing, non-functioning carts to Boar’s Head.

chloe's soft serve fruit cart


Orange County Convention Center
Refurbish existing concession cart then rebrand for Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit.

recharge cart

Recharge Cart

Orange County Convention Center
Modify a drink cart for use with or without drink/soda equipment, making the cart multi-functional for dispensing beverages or serving bottled beverages.

boars head concession carts

Boar’s Head

Throughout Central Florida
Refurbish existing concession cart fleet.

coffee cart

Coffee Cart

Orange County Convention Center
Refurbish existing concession cart wagon to be a multi-functional concession cart capable of serving beverages and snacks.

concession cart


Orange County Convention Center
Update concession cart equipment and repair structural damages.

We repair and refurbish carts from any manufacturer.

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